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Compromise is Inevitable
THIRTY out of the 31 students of Tease St Fidelis Agricultural Secondary School are said to have been withdrawn leaving only one student According to the Public Relations Officer of the Afram Plains District Education Office, among the reasons for the mass withdrawal of students by parents is the transfer of the former headmaster of the school, Mr Augustine Adongo.The former headmaster is said to be a diplomate and the education office decided to replace him with a graduate who is considered to be of a higher academic qualification than Mr Adongo.

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Don't Abandon The Abattoir
EARLY this week, the GRAPHIC carried on its front page a report of a pile of serious financial difficulties encountered by the national carrier, Ghana Airways, that has driven it to the brink of bankruptcy.Again yesterday, the paper carried another front page report, this time on the 14.5 billion Accra Abattoir which, because of financial problems, is reported to be facing the threat of liquidation.These unpleasant developments are of serious concern to the GRAPHIC and indeed, must be so to all well-meaning Ghanaians since the enterprises involved are strategic investments and in most cases the state is majority shareholder
Abattoir faces liquidation
THE 14.5 billion Accra Abattoir runs the high risk of being liquidated unless the shareholders provide an immediate lifeline of at least 2.5 billion.This amount is needed to pay creditors and redeem bank overdraft, with the remainder serving as a working capital to keep the 240 cattle capacity per shift per day modern slaughter house operating.
high food prices and hunger pangs
It is well recognised in most countries that national economic development is only possible when agriculture has been modernised and food production capacity greatly increased. Rural under- development is now seen as not only the burden of those who live in the countryside but also as a fundamental obstacle to the development and maintenance of a higher rate of economic progress for the society as a whole, including especially its industrial and commercial development.
Accra Abattoirs' crisis
THE safety of meat on the Ghanaian market, particularly those slaughtered locally, has been a source of concern over the years.Butchers slaughtering animals on the bare ground and burning off the fur with lorry tyres is an unsightly scene that is common in places like James Town and others in Accra and its surroundings.Apart from the eyesaw it creates in the city, this way of preparing meat for human consumption is unhygienic and has serious health consequences.
ASF in Ghana - October 1999
  • An outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in Ghana - October 1999 The Ministry of Food and Agriculture has made an appeal to pig farmers butchers, meat shop owners, meat processors and the general public to cooperate with the Ministry in its efforts to control the disease.
  • African Swine Fever, Ghana, October 1999 Impact Worksheet
    Ghana is not a significant player in the international market for exporting swine and swine products.
  • Ghana Begins Destruction Of Pigs With Swine Fever
    Ghanaian authorities have begun destroying more than 200,000 pigs to contain the outbreak of the African swine fever in the greater Accra and the central regions.
  • First Agriculture Information Centre Opens
    An agricultural information centre, the first of its kind in the country was on Tuesday inaugurated at Atebubu in the Brong Ahafo Region.
    Business leaders ignore the poor
    Profits wisely invested can bring social benefits within reach - not only for the few - but for the many, and eventually for all. - Kofi AnnanTHE World Economic Forum (WEF) has concluded its annual meeting in New York with a plea from UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan for the participants to do more for the world's poor. Greeted by a standing ovation, Mr Annan urged those in attendance, including more than 1,000 business leaders, to imagine what life is like for the poorest of the world's poor.
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