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AgriOne Internet Pork Catalog
Buying and selling service for the pork industry.AgriOneís Internet Pork Catalog Mission Statement is: To provide a live hog selling service for pork producers: using the Internetís World Wide Web. The Catalog enables the Seller (the pork producer) to offer contracts of marketweight hogs, slaughter sows, and slaughter boars to multiple Buyers via the Internet.

Bellhuis Farms
to find or set up a site where buyers and sellers of weaned pigs can go to do business

Babcock Swine
Babcock Swine, Inc. is dedicated to the development of superior swine genetics. Using the latest innovations in technology, Babcock genetics are constantly improved in order to provide the most cost efficient production programs to Babcock producers worldwide, ultimately providing the highest quality premium pork with exceptional eating quality to consumers.

Boehringer Ingelheim
Our mission at Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. is to provide you, the swine veterinarian and producer, with proven cutting-edge solutions in swine herd health and productivity. We offer consulting services in health and production management, diagnostics, and intervention. We also have a full range of...

BOSMAN Agri Inc.
BOSMAN Agri is a hog equipment distribution company located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. BOSMAN Agri mainly distributes NORLOCK Plastic Planking, feeding systems, and is heavily involved in loose housing for sows.

BSM Agri Ltd
BSM Agri Ltd manufactures a wide variety of quality hog equipment including farrowing crates, gestations stalls, hog flooring and ventilation.

Career Company of America
High integrity national recruitment firm for swine professionals. Department management, unit management, service managers, feedmill management, nutritionists, sales, procurement, research, genetics, services, executive management, etc. Free to jobseekers and competitive fees with guarantees for employers.

DEKALB Swine Breeders
Illinois genetics company. Like farmers, seeds need to work hard. Maybe that's why a growing number of fields are planted with our top-performing line-up of corn, soybean, sorghum, alfalfa, sunflower and forage seed products.

DOMONCO Nutrient Management Process
Deskins Quick-Dry Filtration Process produces programmable, accurate liquid/solid separation, Controlled distribution of nutrients, Removal of TSS, volatile solids, COD, organic nitrogen and organic phosphorus, Eliminate offensive odors, eliminate atmospheric ammonia emissions, reduce disease-transmitting vectors and airborne pathogens, And Greater control of discharge, seepage, and runoff of unwanted nutrients and heavy metals into the soil and groundwater.

Slovak Republic company
Manure has become a significant problem for modern systems of animal production. EnviStim not only overcomes this problem but also gives several extra advantages. EnviStim is a microbial product. When applied to a 40 cm bed of...

Genetic Improvement Services
Animal genetics company claims to provide lean, fast-growing boars and prolific gilts to the hog industry. Scan the trade show schedule.

Be recognized by the swine industry of the Americas as the genetic specialist offering animals that enable the industry to maximize profits.

Hog Slat
North Carolina company
Hog Slat, Inc. is a family owned business engaged in (1) turnkey construction of confinement type hog units, (2) manufacture and distribution of hog equipment and (3) production of live hogs. The Company is the largest contractor and manufacturer of hog equipment in the United States.

Hamilton Thorne Biosciences
The Hamilton Thorne IVOS Swine A.I. Sperm Analysis system is now in production line use at both commercial boar studs and swine genetics facilities. To evaluate the quality of boar semen, measurements of sperm motility, concentration and morphology are required. Fully customized for swine breeding, the IVOS performs all these required measurements in one, easy-to-use computer workstation. By combining all necessary optical, mechanical, software and quality control components into one automated system, the IVOS replaces the need for separate stations for volume, concentration, motility and morphology assessments. High throughput of ejaculate samples, barcode reader compatibility, Real-Time Morphology, quick results, universal data output and automatic calculations of dose requirements help to increase productivity.

IMV International
At IMV International our mission is to be the leading supplier of animal reproduction biotechnologies by offering a complete innovative range of cryopreservation, artificial insemination (A.I.) and embryo transfer (E.T.) products and services.

Ontario Swine Improvement
Through a process of certification of breeding stock and/or producers, generate improved performance and quality of product for the Ontario pork industry thus creating financial benefits for breeders, producers, packers and consumers. Visit us to find more about our services.

Premier Swine Breeding Systems
Premier Swine Breeding Systems will provide pork producers of any size with the highest quality swine genetics at a reasonable price. We realize that our success is dependent on our ability to identify and service those producers and pork systems committed to the long-term production of pork.

Purelean Farms Philippines
Purelean will identify and service those producers and pork systems committed to the long- term production of pork. Our service, responsiveness and personal attention to customers will exceed that offered by our competition.Purelean will facilitate production and value-added marketing opportunities to enhance the competitiveness amd profitability of our customer's pork enterprise. Ultimately, the progeny of the genetic product offered by Purelean must yield a preferred, valuable pork product at the retail/consumer level.

SamJin Paperboard Inc.
As an enterprise producing Sanitary Mat For Young Pigs, which are winning great popularity in Korea, our corporation is not only making nature-friendly products with paper wastes but also taking the initiative in protection of natural environment. Together with informing you of the exellence of our Sanitary Mat For Young Pigs, we hope faithfully to be an aid to swine breeders in the foreign nations.

Swine Genetics International
Navigate through the boar and equipment catalogs. Supply superior genetics at an economical price. Visit us to find more about our services.

The Producers Pal
The Producers Pal introduces the NEXT GENERATION in CARCASS REMOVAL. THE CARCASS RAIL(TM) The Carcass Rail, a patent pending device is a permanent installation in new or existing facilities that suspends the carcasses in the air, to be easily rolled down the alleyway to your removal area. Avoid back problems and higher insurance cost for both producer or employees.

Zierke Company
The Zierke Company has been providing lean, healthy, genetically superior seedstock for over two decades. Continuous testing, careful selection, and a commitment to genetic improvement have resulted in a nucleus herd that consistently ranks among the highest in the nation.
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