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Chicago Mercantile Exchange
An international marketplace enabling institutions and businesses to manage their financial risk and allocate their assets.
- 10 Minute Updates
- Daily Live Hog Futures
- Daily Live Hog Options - Lean Hogs Weekly Futures Price Chart
U.S. Meat Export Federation
*Leading Markets for U.S. Pork Plus Pork Variety Meat Exports
Current and historical export figures for US beef, pork, and lamb. Also contains summaries of the impacts exports have on the meat industry.
Other Market Information
provides products and services for a variety of agricultural metamarkets, including crops and inputs, grains, and livestock.
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*National Agricultural Statistics on Hogs and Pigs
Issued four times yearly, the Report presents data on the U.S. pig crop for 16 major states and the U.S., including inventory number by class, weight group, and value of hogs and pigs, farrowings, farrowing intentions. Also includes the number of operations keeping hogs, the number of hog operations and percent of inventory by size groups.
Farm Marketing Reports Weekly/Bi-monthly/Monthly/Quarterly Agricultural Electronic Bulletin Board
*Hog Outlook
Weekly Market Summary
by Glenn Grimes & Ron Plain, Ag Econ, MU
*Swine Economics Report
Weekly Swine Economics Report
by Ron Plain
*Hogs and Pigs Report
Quarterly summary
by Glenn Grimes and Ron Plain
*Hog, Sow, and Gilt Slaughter Comparisons
Weekly Comparisons
by Glenn Grimes, Ag Econ, MU
*Hog Marketing Contract Study
University of Missouri and National Pork Producers Council
by Glenn Grimes and Steve Meyer
National Pork Producers Council
*Daily & Weekly Reports by state Price Reporting Information
Daily Market Summary
Grain & Feed Prices

* PORK FACTS 1999/2000
Facts and figures on pork production,consumption and other general pork information
Agricultural Economics Purdue University
*Hogs Outlook
Chris Hurt
Iowa State University Extension Economics
*Iowa Farm Outlook Newsletter
A bimonthly publication of ISUEE
Did You Read About it ? North Dakota State University - Extension Service
*Hog Market Cycles
By: Larry D. Stearns and Timothy A. Petry
Hog cycles are caused by factors that occur both within and outside the industry. Underlying reasons include the reproductive biology of hogs and time lags in the adjustment of production levels to price changes.
University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension
*Getting Hogs to Market Safely
By: Robert D. Fritschen Extension Swine Specialist
Approximately two out of every thousand hogs transported die in transit. Losses from transit death and injuries run into millions of dollars annually. Many shrink, bruise and death losses can be avoided by applying the following recommendations and using common sense.
Purdue University - Department of Agricultural Economics
*Opportunities in Coordinated Hog Production
By: J. Ray, M. Boehlje, and C. Hurt
In coordinated hog production, multiple entities form a coalition or alliance to develop a "better" system of production, which may reduce costs, improve pork quality, improve market access, help obtain scale economies, share risk, obtain more information, or obtain better access to technology.
Hog Market Crisis
National Pork Producers Council *What's being done about the Hog Market Crisis
List of articles to help you know the causes and what to do.More information will are added as it becomes available. Please check back often for updates. Farm First
*Direct cash payments to small hog producers
by Joe Parcell
$50 million in direct cash payments to small hog producers to help them weather the current economic crisis.
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*Weekly Purcell Agricultural Commodity Market Report 2000