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A.I. Engineering Services
Offering manure handling technology to livestock produsers which is the answer to most of long-standing problems and represent significant advancement for existing and new farms(productivity, odour control,prevents spreading of diseases,allows for reduction for medicine consumption, simple and highly efficient).This proven technology would highly benefit farmers from implementation.
Antec International Limited
To provide a healthier environment in today's intensive animal production through specifically tailored hygiene protocols and worldwide proven biosecurity procedures.
Applying Technology Products
A retired veterinarian with a mission to help the environment with technology for air and water purification.Information and products.
Bellhuis Farms
to find or set up a site where buyers and sellers of weaned pigs can go to do business
Breeders' World Swine Directory
Join the discussion forum, subscribe to the Swine Updates newsletter, and check the calendar for swine-related meetings and conferences.

Canada Pork International
Export development agency of the Canadian pork industry delivers statistics, industry information, and a member company listing.

Canadian Pork Council
Furnishes council intentions, industry information, press releases, and codes of practice.

Canadian Swine Network
Offered in French and English, this resource offers a technology exchange and details on financing programs. Meet some swine scientists.

Elanco Swine Profit Calculator
How much profit can be made on pigs? Plug in some numbers and try this calculator, provided by Elanco Animal Health.

Farm & Country Pork
Ontario-based commercial pork industry magazine, produced quarterly, provides articles, addresses current industry trends, and lists links.

Hogs and Pigs
USDA quarterly report includes detailed data on the US pig crop with inventory number by class, weight group, value, and farrowings.

Hogs Today
Farm Journal offers back issues with features on intensive pig farming, economic analysis, and health management.

National Hog Farmer
Read archived news items from this monthly publication covering news and issues in the pork industry.

Primarily for commercial pig producers, this list of links covers topics in genetics, disease, production, and breeding.

North Carolina Pork Council
Aimed towards the consumer, this guide provides industry news and information, nutritional facts, and recipes.

North Carolina State University Swine Husbandry
Check out reports and articles on swine nutrition, breeding, and waste management, and read the monthly newsletter.

PORK '99
Business magazine for pork producers offers profit tips, a list of veterinarians, and an equipment directory.

Pork Central - University of Nebraska
Includes a Tip of the Month for pork producers, a description of the business analysis program, and a toll-free number for questions.

Pork News & Views
Provided by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture. Includes news and articles about hog budgets and markets, health issues, and research.

Pork Report
Publication for America's pork producers delivers field reports, production trends, trade news, and government news.

Pork TV
Educational television program demonstrates production techniques and describes management practices for pork producers.

Obtain business and technical information for the international pork industry. Get news, event calendars, and access to other pork sites.

Purdue Pork Page
Pork-farming resource from Purdue University touches on environmental issues, manure management, reproduction, and health.

Purelean Farms Philippines
Purelean will identify and service those producers and pork systems committed to the long- term production of pork. Our service, responsiveness and personal attention to customers will exceed that offered by our competition.Purelean will facilitate production and value-added marketing opportunities to enhance the competitiveness amd profitability of our customer's pork enterprise. Ultimately, the progeny of the genetic product offered by Purelean must yield a preferred, valuable pork product at the retail/consumer level.

Pig Library
Oklahoma State University furnishes links to articles on swine economics, drugs, nutrition, odor management, and genetics.

Company Mission :Global hub for information on pigs, hogs and swine. Over 1500 articles, News, Features, Disease problem solver, Business Directory, Discussion and lots more.

Swine Breeds
Oklahoma State University lists pigs of all persuasions. Each breed comes with a picture and a profile of its characteristics.

Swine and Pig Internet Resources
Those interested in pig farming can access these links to market data, research, government regulations, discussion groups, and publications.
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